Laerskool De Kuilen Primary School

Laerskool De Kuilen Primary School

Creative arts

Performing Arts:
At De Kuilen Primary School we are privileged to have specialist educators to teach each component of Life Skills.
Performing Arts are divided into four complimentary streams namely:

  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Drama and
  • Dancing

The above mentioned form part of the subject Life Skills that enables learners to develop holistically.

Visual Art

  • Grade one to three receive weekly tuition.
  • The aim of Visual Art is to develop creative, expressive and innovative individuals.


Musical tuition is divided into two components namely:

  • Group teaching according to curriculum (CAPS).
  • Instrumental teaching.

Learners are exposed to the following aspects:

  • Listening Activity
  • Free Movement
  • Styles of Music
  • Theoretical Knowledge
  • Form
  • Improvisation and body percussion
  • Instruments

The above mentioned activities allow learners to work in groups, with a friend or as individual.
Instrumental teaching is offered to individuals and/or smaller groups in piano, keyboard and recorder.

Fees are annually determined by the School Governing Body. All payments are handled by the financial secretary.

Record keeping:
Educator portfolios contain personal information and attendance registers of learners.

Individual time tables for all learners are followed on a rotation basis during school hours.

Formal assessment is done in June and December. Music reports are included with the academical report.

Information evening:
An information evening for parents is held at the beginning of the year for Performing Arts and individual tuition.
National examinations and Eisteddfods
An opportunity for talented learners in piano, theory and recorder is presented for participation in various competitions/exams and eisteddfods.
UNISA – Piano and theory
ALMSA – Piano, Keyboard and Recorder
T.I.E – Various categories and items for example singing and piano

Recruiting of learners:

  • Musicare for Grade 2. Information is given to learners who have already been tested for the choir.
  • Grade 2 learners receive 1 group lesson per week in preparation for instrumental tuition in Grade 3.
  • Learners who have already received musical teaching previously are given preference.
  • Application forms for learners from other schools with previous experience, as well as new learners are available.
  • After auditions learners are placed.
  • A waiting list is compiled.