Tygerberg International Eistedfod

Every year our school takes part in the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod.

The emblem of the Eisteddfod symbolises the sustained cultural development of the child in order to support him/her in his/her quest to cultural maturity.

The Eisteddfod offers a wide selection of categories and De Kuilen Primary School participates in music, song, ballet, art, ceramics, choir, orchestra, handwriting, poetry, prose, creative writing, speech choirs and public speaking.  During a concert year the enrolments for the TIE will be limited.

Adjudication usually takes place in term 3 of the school year. Learners pay an entry fee to take part in these categories. Groups such as our choirs and orchestra are financially supported by our school. It is the responsibility of parents to transport their children to the different venues. If that proves to be impossible, the school could assist provided that we are informed timeously and within reason.

Stellenbosch Kunswedstryd

During term 2 we also take part in the Stellenbosch Kunswedstryd.  Learners are enrolled for poetry, art and choir.