Cami is a computer-based Mathematics programme presented in the IT centre of the school.
Once a week learners from Gr 1 – 7 have the opportunity to improve their Mathematical skills with the assistance of this excellent programme.
This programme forms part of the extra-mural programme and is offered every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Once a week, for 45 minutes learners enjoy developing their mathematical skills.
Every year learners from gr 1-7 take part in die Cami Speed Test Challenge.  


Tygerberg International Eistedfod
Every year our school takes part in the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod.
The emblem of the Eisteddfod symbolises the sustained cultural development of the child in order to support him/her in his/her quest to cultural maturity.
The Eisteddfod offers a wide selection of categories and De Kuilen Primary School participates in music, song, ballet, art, ceramics, choir, orchestra, handwriting, poetry, prose, creative writing, speech choirs and public speaking.  During a concert year the enrolments for the TIE will be limited.
Adjudication usually takes place in term 3 of the school year. Learners pay an entry fee to take part in these categories. Groups such as our choirs and orchestra are financially supported by our school. It is the responsibility of parents to transport their children to the different venues. If that proves to be impossible, the school could assist provided that we are informed timeously and within reason.
Stellenbosch Kunswedstryd
During term 2 we also take part in the Stellenbosch Kunswedstryd.  Learners are enrolled for poetry, art and choir.


We have Junior and Senior choirs and an Orff orchestra who actively participate in local Eisteddfods, in our community and at a variety of school related occasions. Opportunities are also created for participation in school concerts and music afternoons. 
Junior choir
Practice times:
(Grade 2&3)
Tuesdays: Grade 2: 13:20 – 14:50 & Grade 3: 13:50 – 14:50
Fridays: 12:50 - 13:50   
Age group:
7 - 9 years. Grade 2 - 3
Approximately 50-55
All Grade 1 pupils are tested for the choir in June. Successful pupils are then included for a trial period.  Only Grade 2 and 3 pupils participate in performances.
Choir mistress, accompanist and two educators
A variety of songs suitable to this age group, yet posing a challenge. Attention is also given to different languages.
Artists who play a variety of different instruments are occasionally invited to perform with the choir.
Per letter and school newsletter (De Kuiltjie) ; all reply slips must be returned by the due date
Winter school uniform with green school jersey.
Senoir choir:
Practice times:
Tuesdays : 14:30 - 15:45                 
Fridays: 07:15 - 08:30
Age group:
10 - 13 years. Grade 4 - 7
60 – 80 members
All members are tested again for voice placing. Auditions are done for all the Grade 3 members of the Junior Choir.   Auditions for new pupils are done at the start of the year.
Choir mistress, accompanist and two educators
Per letter and school newsletter (De Kuiltjie) ; all reply slips must be returned by the due date.
white long sleeve school shirt;
green school gym with belt; 
school tie (neatly tied);
black stockings; 
black school shoes; 
school blazer with all buttons fastened; 
hair neatly tied;
white long sleeve school shirt; 
grey trousers with black belt; 
school tie (neatly tied) 
grey school socks; 
black school shoes; 
school blazer with all fastened; 
hair neat

Attendance of practices and performances:
All practices and performances are compulsory.
 Punctuality is of the utmost importance
A written letter of excuse must be handed to the choir conductor timeously
If a choir member misses 3 practices without a valid reason or proper excuse, he/she will no longer be a member of the choir.
No cell phones are allowed.  The educators will be in charge of calls.
A light meal before performances is recommended. Avoid gas cooldrinks, fast foods and sweets.

On a Tuesday afternoon our school offers a Senior Art club (Gr. 3 – 7), which consists of a drawing/painting class, as well as a Ceramic class. The times for these classes will be indicated on the extra-mural schedule.
The Art Club runs intensive projects and it is therefore unacceptable for learners to attend only to be kept busy. Only learners who have a passion for Art, and who pay their club fees diligently, will be allowed to attend. Send the correct amount of money in an envelope with your child’s name and grade to the first lesson.
It is imperative that children receive enough individual attention in the Art club, therefore these classes have to be kept relatively small. Applications will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis. There will be a waiting list. Children who attend regularly and pay punctually will enjoy preference the following year.
Public Speaking:
English speaking learners annually get the opportunity of participating in the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod, the ATKV Redenaarskompetisie and On the tip of your tongue. 
We have annually been blessed with Category Winners in this all three of these competitions.


Junior Chess
Chess practices for learners of grade 2 and 3 are on Fridays from 12:50 to 13:50. They are coached in the basics of chess.
Senior Chess
The Grade 4 to 7 learners practise from 14:20 to 15:20 on a Tuesday afternoon and from 13:50 to 14:50 on a Friday afternoon. We are making use of an external coach to help the learners with the more difficult techniques of chess.

Concert 2019:
Every three years De Kuilen Primary transforms into a “Concert Wonderland”, and in 2019 we will take on this mammoth task again.
The date of our concert is .............
Each learner will get an opportunity to participate, either as a lead character, supporting character, or a dancer. Everyone will have a chance to shine during our concert.
Early in 2019 we will start with preparations which will include auditions, set building, costume and make-up design etc. We trust that we can rely strongly on all parents to assist and support us in our dramatic effort.

The Western Cape Education Department has a number of primary schools that offer dance as a Grade 7 Creative Arts Subject. Various high schools offer Creative Arts: Dance for Grade 8 and 9 as well and some high schools even have Dance Studies as a subject until matric. The dance tuition that is offered at these schools is according to the Western Cape Education Department Dance CAPS Curriculum.
The senior phase curriculum is as follows:
Each term is divided into 3 topics:
Topic 1: Dance Performance
Topic 2: Dance Improvisation and Choreography
Topic 3: Dance Theory
The dance genre taught at De Kuilen Primary is influenced by a mixture of the Royal Academy of Dance style of ballet together with contemporary dance elements and is created to meet the requirements of the WCED dance curriculum.

The grade 7 Creative Arts: DANCE learners have one class scheduled during school hours and one class that takes place in the afternoon. The learners have a formal practical assessment towards the end of each term. The learners also have work books or flip files along with a textbook for dance, and so, cover a certain amount of theory per term. A written exam for dance takes place during the June and November examinations. Their mark is reflected on their school report as Creative Arts.

De Kuilen Primary School also offers ballet as an extra-curricular activity in the afternoons for grade 3 to 6. The ballet taught to these learners is based on the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus. These learners are assessed twice a year in June and November and receive a separate ballet report for these assessments.

Dance items are entered annually into the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod. We also look forward to other dance festivals, school performances as well as the occasional cultural outing. There is a dance concert which is held once every three years which is enjoyed by all who are involved.

All learners, boys and girls, taking part in the dance classes find that they benefit from this opportunity immensely.