Athletics is a summer sport for boys and girls.  All learners participating in athletics are expected to be dressed in the prescribed athletics wear.
All learners participate strictly according to their age groups. If there is no item in their age group, they are allowed to participate in an older age group.
During the fourth term we have an inter-house athletics meeting for track and field events. The learners are chosen for the school team during this meeting.
During the first term the Foundation Phase Athletics Evening gives all u/6 to u/9 learners the opportunity to participate.
 Practice times: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 07:00 – 07:30

Cricket is a summer sport for boys from ages under 7 to under 13.
All boys will take part in their age group, but may be chosen for an older age group. All teams will be chosen on merit.
Sports wear for cricket and mini-cricket players is as follows: White De Kuilen golf shirt, green shorts, grey De Kuilen socks and white takkies. This applies to practice and match days.

Cross Country Running:
Cross country running is a sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain. The course for primary school learners is typically 1,5 – 5 kilometers long. It may include surfaces of grass and earth, pass through fields or open country, and may include gentle hills, flat ground and sometimes gravel road. Runners are judged on individual times and a points scoring method at the end of the season to determine participation at provincial and/or regional level. Learners from grade 3 (age 9) up to grade 7 compete in cross country, which usually takes place during winter (terms 2 and 3), and can include weather conditions of rain, sunshine, wind , and a wide range of temperatures. Cross country running is one of the disciplines under the umbrella of athletics(see extra mural timetable) , more specific long-distance track and road running.
We practise on Tuesday & Thursdays from 07:00 – 07:30 on our sports fields. Races take place on a Friday after school at a venue as determined by Western Province Athletics. Learners must wear our school’s PE clothes during practice and for races. Parents must ensure that learners are picked up soon after arrival back at school at around 17:00.

De Kuilen has a rich history of successes achieved on the netball courts.

Over the years we have set a very high standard due to:
Excellent coaching in all ages – u/7 – u/9 (Mini netball) and u/10- u/13
Good enrolment A-D teams per age group
 Participation in league matches as well as Sport Days as by invitation.
Teams participating in SASN tournaments with great success- 4x Western Cape Schools champions playing at the National Top Schools Competition.
Fun Days: Our own Mini-netball Day and Inter-house netball play-offs
Appraisals – “Girl of the match” announced after every match
Trophies awarded per age group at End-of Season Function and annual prize giving ceremonies.
Qualification for WP and Western Cape trials and support from coaches and staff.
Practice times are indicated on the extra mural time table. A full program of match dates and sport days will be handed out before the season starts.
Information regarding the netball gear is in the prospectus of our school.
All learners take part according to their age groups. Teams will be selected on merit after trails have been completed.
Sports wear:
Match wear:
 Teams play matches in netball shirts with school colours on collar and bottle-green netball skirt; white turn-over ankle socks with predominantly white takkies and green school jersey or school track suit.

Rugby is a winter sport for boys from under 7 to under13.
All learners will compete strictly according to their age group. Teams will be selected strictly according to merit after the completion of trials. Please read the sport policy to know more about the correct sport clothes and any other information.
Sport wear:
green shorts, De Kuilen rugby jersey, green jersey or track suit. The school track suit must be worn and only white takkies will be allowed to be worn with the track suit. No protective sports underwear is allowed to show under the rugby wear.
Away matches: All players get dressed in rugby clothes at De Kuilen Primary before they leave.
Any old T-shirt and short.
Mini tennis is available for Gr. 2 and 3 learners.
Tennis is available for Gr. 4 to 7 learners.
Two mixed teams have been enrolled to participate in league matches.

Sport wear:
Learners wear De Kuilen golf shirt, bottle green short, white socks and takkies during matches and practices.